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At our soy based craft candle company, we believe in the power of inspiration and the freedom to be ourselves. That's why we created the In Memory of Grandmothers collection, a tribute to the strong and loving women who have shaped our lives. Our "Eunice" candle features a soft and sweet blend of White Pear and Peach, while our "Edith" candle boasts a gentle combination of Honey Fig and Cypress. These scents were carefully chosen to evoke memories of our grandmothers and the warmth and love they brought into our lives. Light a candle from the In Memory of Grandmothers collection and let the beautiful aromas fill your space with love and nostalgia.

In Memory of Grandmothers

Excluding GST/HST
    • Always place your Enimsay Candle on a flat surface away from hazards.
    • Never leave your Enimsay Candle unattended.
    • Always allow the wax to melt to the side of the container until 1/4in deep.
    • Keep your Enimsay Candle wix trimmed at 1/4in.
    • Do not burn your Enimsay Candle for more than 4 hours.
    • Once your Enimsay Candle reaches 1/2in, discontinue use.
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