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Our Mission

In our home city of Markham, Ontario, Canada, Enimsay has been known for its light and alluring scents of our soy-based candle collection. As we grow our business, we take pride in remaining committed to our original promise of developing hand-made, lightly scented soy-based candles and soaps that will inspire and remind others to take moments for themselves. At Enimsay, we believe in the values of compassion, integrity, and commitment. Enimsay is committed to empowering persons to value their strengths and abilities to fulfil their life purpose

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My Story

Why start Enimsay? Starting a candle and soap business amid the pandemic was an unexpected and surprising venture. One of the hard lessons I have learned is we each need to take moments for ourselves because it is a recipe for feeling overworked and burned out.


In my nursing career, I have experienced a few episodes of burnout. Amid the pandemic, it became increasingly apparent and imperative that one way I could press through the challenges I could be facing, I needed to remain purposefully about looking after my wellbeing. Candles and self-reflection through journaling were always my go-to for self-care, and I developed a deep love for beautifully scented candles. I often found it hard to find candles that were lightly scented and provided a calming ambience. So, I said to myself, why not make your own candle, so I did, which led to founding my own candle company.


What I hope to do through my company is to engage and encourage others to take time for themselves by pausing, reflecting and recharging before tackling life demands. Often we have a go, go mentality, but I hope we can take moments for ourselves, remember who we are as God has made us so we can be recharged to keep moving in faith by tackling was lies in front of us.

Who am I: 

I am a Registered Nurse, Nurse Leader & Nurse Educator

 I am a daughter, friend, sister and auntie.

I am a lover of great books, adventures and nature.

I believe we all need to take time to care for ourselves

I believe we have a moral duty to care for and love others well.

I love encouraging others.

I believe God created us for a unique purpose and it's our responsibility to live it out.


To learn more about Enimsay, connect with us!

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