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Now Available: Enimsay Candle and Soap Bar Gift Set

At Enimsay, our customers come first, and we pride ourselves on making sure our homemade soy candles and all-natural soaps are exactly what you have in mind for rest and relaxation.

We are excited to share we have added to our product line our gift boxes. Our gift boxes feature the best of what we offer at Enimsay. Our Enimsay Signature soy-crafted candle collecting inspires you to find the freedom to be you. Our newly added handmade soap bars are designed to inspire rest and relaxation using a mix of butter and oil.

Our Enimsay gift boxes would be a great gift for yourself or someone dear to your heart.

"This moment is for you. Savour it. You deserve time to yourself. Let's take a few moments of our day to pause from our daily demands to gain new strength and perspective."

Each gift box includes the following:

1 Enimsay signature soy candle

1 journal

1 pen

2 Enimsay soap bar.



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