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New Collection: Enimsay Signature

We are excited to announce our first crafted candle collection!

Our mission at Enimsay is to help you to pause, reflect and recharge. Sometimes, we need a moment to be still and refocus. We hope our new candle collection will inspire you to find the freedom to pursue your passion anchored with faith, hope and determination.

We are introducing three new crafted scented candles.

(a) Smile Again: A sweet blend of honeysuckle and clementine, inspiring you to find joy in the everyday.

(b) Finding my way: A soft blend of sweet pea and eucalyptus, inspiring you to rediscover what matters most to you.

(c) Breathe Again: A warm blend of vanilla and cinnamon, inspiring you to find the balance between life demands.

Have a question. Please feel free to reach out at

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