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How to Take Care of Your Enimsay Candle

To get the most joy out of your Enimsay Candle, remember to keep the following tips in mind.

o Always place your Enimsay Candle on a flat surface away from hazards.

o Never leave your Enimsay Candle unattended

o Always allow the wax to melt to the side of the container until ¼ inch deep. This helps to bring out the fragrance of the candle.

o Keep your Enimsay candle wax trimmed at ¼ inch. This helps to avoid dangerous candle flames.

o Do not burn your Enimsay candle for more than 4 hours.

o Once your Enimsay Candle reaches ½ inch, discontinue use and order a new Enimsay Candle.

Got a question or comment, please drop a line and I would be happy to help.

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